Monday, November 4, 2013

5 Super cool space-aged home appliances.

1. iKettle controlled by smart phone.
This stylish coffee maker not only brews a great cup of joe, but hooks up with your home’s Wi-Fi, allowing you to access its controls via a smartphone mobile app.  From there, you can schedule its use remotely, starting that water to boil so it will be ready the moment you get downstairs or get home.  Once the water is boiling, it sends prompts to your mobile phone to give you options to keep the water warm, set to a certain temperature shut it down, etc.   Of course the kettle itself is top of the line stainless steel, removable so you can wash it without damaging the electronics stored in its base.  Available at Firebox, it goes for 99 pounds or so (British product.)

2. Waring Breakfast Express makes waffles and omelets at the same time.
Perfect for Sunday brunch with the family, you can now make a perfect omelet with all of the ingredients and toast up waffles from scratch in the same appliance.  Not only will that save you time and make it easier to cook for several people, but your omelets will come out perfectly formed, instead of looking like scrambled eggs like when I make them!  You can get this appliance at Hammacher Schlemmer.

3. Airocide Air Purifier.
We’ve seen huge, conspicuous, and loud air purifiers, but this one by Airocide is positivelty elegant!  It’s simply a rectangular box with an open back, and has no filters to clean!  The design is based off NASA technology that was developed to slow the ripening of fruits and vegetables too quickly in space by scrubbing the air of ethylene.  I will spare the fancy NASA technology behind it, but it cleans the air 100% of pathogens and you only have to replace the Reaction Chamber once a year.  It costs $799, is about as big as a small audio speaker, and you can get it at

3. Dyson Air Multiplier fan.
The folks that brought you one super vacuum cleaner have done it again with the Air Multiplier fan.  It looks just like a little open circle, but amazingly it produces 118 gallons of air every minute, with no blades and quiet operation, amplifying the normal airflow by up to 18 times.  The price tag is only $330 and you can check it out anywhere Dyson products are sold.

4. Aroma Grill Express.
For you barbecue enthusiasts, there’s nothing worse than running out of time to marinate meat, or forgetting, and trying to improvise while it’s already on the grill.  The Aroma Grill Express has solved that problem, allowing you to season the food right as it cooks. It basically looks like a high-end George Foreman grill, but features a recessed channel down the middle you can fill with herbs, wine, marinade, spices, etc. that draws up into the meat evenly when heated.  It drains off the grease just like a Foreman grill and is big enough to fit a dozen sausages, a couple steaks, and a few pieces of chicken at the same time.  Yummm, I’m hungry!  It costs 119 Euros and is made by Beem.

5. Meneghini La Cambusa fridge.
La Cambusa markets this is an oversized fridge, but users say it’s more like a mini kitchen.  This 3-door fridge unit manufactured by the Italian company Meneghini looks more like a modern furniture cabinet when closed, with an all-wood exterior with an optional selection of knobs, handles, colors, and finished.  Door #1 is for dry goods, kitchen supplies, and tools, while Door #2 on the right side is the actual spacious and perfectly organized fridge, and the whole bottom cabinet is the freezer.  It also has compartments in the middle of the unit that can hold coffee makers, blenders, a microwave or, of course, a TV and computer screen for Internet browsing.  The price tag?  A cool $40,500.  If you want one give me a call, and I’ll do my best to talk some sense into you.

You can find these products and many more at  

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  1. Door #1 is for dry goods, kitchen supplies, and tools, while Door #2 on the right side is the actual spacious and perfectly organized fridge, and the whole bottom cabinet is the freezer.

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