Sunday, January 19, 2014

25 House hacks that will make you say, "Cool!"

Have you ever heard of "life hacks?"  They're short cuts that creatively solve problems in your everyday life.  Well now we have house hacks, ways to alter your home or creatively use every day items to uniquely enhance your living spaces.  Some are simple and will only take you a few minutes to set up, others would require a million dollar budget, but all of them else can we describe these house hacks?  For lack of a better word, they are just COOL!  

Check them out and don't be afraid to try some of them around your house!  

1. Attach a wooden CD rack horizontally above your bathroom sink for a great organizer.

 2. If your closet doesn't have enough light, add a string of Christmas lights to the door frame.

3. String a bunch of aloe branches and leaves to your shower head - the steam will release the fragrance for your own aloe spa treatment.

4. Antique door knobs make fun, funky towel pegs in the bathroom.

5. Growing a vertical herb garden in your kitchen is easy, looks great, and smells wonderful! 

6. Ok, so this one may take a bigger budget, but install a glass bathroom floor with a stone shaft underneath.  Ok, it's nearly impossible to do - but it sure looks cool! 

7. Instead of an ugly white board, use a dry erase marker to write your grocery list on a nice picture frame with only glass.

8. Women always want more closet space and places to put their shoe collection so this will be appreciated - install painted crown moulding against the wall and use it to hang all of your high heeled shoes!  

9.  Put together a false front of book spines to hide your router or other unsightly electronics. 

10. You can hide your thermostat, alarm, or any other wall gadget with a painting affixed to hinges.

11. Attach bolts to the studs in your ceiling and use chains to hang a hammock bed.  You can also set up a cool indoor swing or bench like this with old rope.

12. Glue a magnetic strip under your kitchen cabinet and you'll be able to hang your spice jars by their metal lids.

13.  Get locked out of the house a lot?  (I do that all the time!)  Put your spare key in a pill container and then superglue the top of a pine cone to the top.  You can then bury the pill box and only the pine cone will show.

14. Painting in bathrooms and other small spaces is never fun because you have to tape off everything.  A faster, easier way to do that is to use plastic wrap to cover surfaces, and then take it off and throw it out in a jiff when you're done.

15. This one may take a lot more construction, but it's COOL!!!!  An indoor/outdoor pool that flows right into your house!  

16. If you can't easily bolt into the rafters in your ceiling you can build a frame to hang a table and chairs for your own personal swinging dining space!

17. City dwellers and those who work at home will LOVE this: put your work desk in a big box with soft beach sand so you can get the feel of a tropical beach while you're working! 

18. Do you call the kids for dinner over and over but they don't want to come downstairs? That won't be an issue when you have a slide attached to your spiral staircase!

19. Speaking of stairs, you can set up a system of drawers and storage closets in the empty, unused space under your staircase.

20. Or, make a staircase lined by book cases instead of walls.  Look closely - this one even has books in the hollowed-out steps!

21. What child wouldn't want a tree house right in their room?  

22.  Replacing a boring door in a dark space with a glass door covered by color swatches or glass tiles.

23. There's always so much blank space above stairwells, so bolt in to the studs and hang a strong gymnastics net - it will make the perfect hammock lounging area.

24. Coming back to earth, how about plastic shoe holders hung on the back of a pantry or kitchen closet door for better organization?

 25. Wine racks hung on the bathroom wall make great decorative towel holders.  


Do you have any cool home hacks that you use or know of?  Let us know and we'll post them next time!

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