Sunday, April 20, 2014

What's the average U.S. salary by job?

What does the average person make at their job? That question is easy to answer, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the average wage for working adults in America is $45,790.  But what jobs pay the best and the worst?  Answering that took a lot more digging because our paychecks vary widely based on occupation, experience, and even where we live.  But after combing through many websites and sources, I’ve compiled a list of national average salaries and wages per job.  Some of them were no surprise – like the fact that CEO’s rule the roost, or that the medical profession is consistently the highest paying vocation, but there were a lot of surprises as well, like the salary of the U.S. President!  

Enjoy this list and remember it’s based on median averages and recent data but still based on estimates.

Highest-paying private sector jobs in America:

Chief executives officers (CEO’s)     $11.7 million
Average NBA basketball player salary     $8.1 million
Average MLB baseball player salary     $3.9 million
Anesthesiologists     $232,800
Surgeons     $230,540
Obstetricians and gynecologists     $216,760
Oral and maxillofacial surgeons     $216,440
Internists     $191,520
Orthodontists     $187,200
Physicians and surgeons, general     $184,820
Psychiatrists     $173,330
Pediatricians     $154,650
Nurse anesthetists     $148,160
Dentists     $145,240

The next highest-paying jobs:

Petroleum engineers     $130,280
Architectural and engineering managers    $124,870
Air traffic controllers     $122,530
Computer and information systems managers     $120,950
Marketing managers    $119,480
Stock brokers     $100,910
Commercial airline pilots     $57,000 - $141,00
Registered Nurses  $65,470 to $94,720  (Median $65,470)
Accountants     $63,550
Astronauts     $64,724 to $141,715 per year

Jobs that pay near the national average:

Attorney     $51,000
Elementary school teacher     $35,630 - $83,160.  (Median $53,400)
Event Planner     $45,810
Flight attendants     $43,350
Child, family, and school social workers     $43,540
Real estate agent     $39,000
Administrative assistant     $24,000 to $50,000  (Median $32,502)


Heat, AC, and refrigeration mechanics and installers     $43,670
Construction worker     $32,000
Plumber or electrician     $39,000

Government and civil servants:

Senator     $193,400
Congressman     $174,000
United States President     $400,000
Governor     $70,000-$187,256
State worker     $49,240
Policeman     $48,000
Fireman     $43,000
Garbage collector     $43,000
Average U.S. Army private up to sergeant     $17,892 to $27,814

Lowest-paying jobs in America:

Bank teller     $24,940
Janitor     $24,850
Restaurant host, hostess, waiter or waitress     $9.41/hour or $19,570
Farm workers and laborers     $9.61/hour or $19,990
Retail cashiers    $9.15/hour or $19,000
Personal and home care aides     $9.75/hour or $19,500
Childcare worker     $19,510
Shampooers at salon     $8.94/hour or $18,600
Food prep and food service workers  $9/hour or $18,720
Dishwasher     $9.10/hour or $18, 930
Walmart worker     $8.86/hour or $17,860


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