Friday, August 15, 2014

The 10 coolest and craziest houses you'll ever see!

Upside Down House
When wealthy business mogul and philanthropist Daniel Czapiewski wanted to make a statement about the fall of Communism in his native Poland, he didn’t just run for office or write a book.  Instead, he built a whole house to symbolize the upside down nature of the “Great failed experiment,” as Communism is called – and the house is built upside down.  Despite a giant construction crew it took 114 days to finish because the workers were so disoriented and no one could even read the plans correctly.  Now, plenty of tourists come to visit the upside down house every year, though it’s reported many of them leave dizzy and suffering from vertigo!

Shipping Container House
In Sydney, Australia, real estate prices are pretty high and preserving the environment is a hot button issue.  So when a Sydney man wanted to build his own house, he combined these aspects and made his abode out of four abandoned shipping containers.  With windows cut into them and three separate rooms, wood timber floors, two bathrooms, a nice kitchen and a laundry room, the shipping container home is as functional as it is practical-looking.

Slide House
When you were a kid, did you fantasize about living in a house that was basically a giant playground?  Well LEVEL architects in Japan made that fantasy a reality with a three-story house that has slides all the way from the third floor down to the first. 

Dar al Hajar House
In the 1930’s, the prominent Yemen man Imam Yahya built this imposing structure as his summer home.  It’s built straight in to the cut rock and attracts visitors from near and far, who can climb all the way to the top for an incredible view. 

Toilet-Shaped House
South Korea
The World Toilet Association wanted to kick off their campaign to improve sanitary restrooms around the world, so Sim Jaw-Duck built his house to look like a giant toilet in Suweon, South Korea.  While we may question the judgment of the “Mayor of Toilet” as he’s now called, we can’t doubt his architectural taste.  The stunning toilet-shaped dwelling is 4,508 square feet of sparkling white concrete and glass, complete with a prize bathroom in the middle of the home with glass walls and a mister system. 

Transparent House
This ultra modern house in Japan was designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects to let plenty of light in and offer great views.  Unfortunately, everyone on the street can see just as much of the inhabitants in their daily lives.  While it offers no privacy, it certainly is a stunning feat of architecture.

Wooden Skyscraper
It started innocently enough when Nikolai Sutyagin, a former Russian gangster, visited Norway and saw some great wooden houses.  Once a millionaire, he lost his entire fortune when he was sent to prison, so he wanted to build his own humble shelter.  When he started building in his native Russia, he wanted to emulate the hand-built wooden dwellings he’d seen abroad.  But when he finished the two-story house, he thought the roof space wasn’t utilized properly so he added another story.  The only problem was that the house then “looked like a mushroom” according to Sutyagin, so he kept building up.  Now, the Wooden Skyscraper is a vertical spanning mish-mash of wooden additions.

Rock Island House
In Serbia’s rough and stormy Drina River, a group of young men decided to build a little shelter back in 1968.  Whether it was a fishing station or a place to take shelter from the cold weather we’re not sure, but we do know they built it to last because the Rock Island House still stands today, having weathered floods, storms, and high winds over the decades.

Skateboard House
Pierre Andre Senizergues designed this Malibu, Hawaii home as a skateboarding heaven, with just about every surface – indoors and out – either curved as a skating ramp or as an obstacle for fun hops, slides, and flips.  Rad house, dude! 

Seashell House

A wealthy family in Mexico City wanted to build a house inspired by architects Gaudi and Frank Lloyd Wright that reminded them of the beach.  So they had the firm Arquitectura Organica build them a giant seashell house!  Their two kids love the stunning views from inside but they’re not the only ones - now it’s world famous.

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