Friday, October 24, 2014

The Only Moving Checklist You'll Ever Need!

8 Weeks Before Your Move:

Create a binder or folder as your "move file,” allowing you to keep track of quotes, receipts, phone numbers, and other important information.

Start going through every room of your house with a roll of blue tape. That which is going to be packed gets tagged with tape; the rest can be sold, donated, or given away.  

Start looking online and calling around to find a reputable moving company. Ask for references from friends, or the Alfano Real Estate group would be happy to give you recommendations in Sacramento and Placer County. Make sure all estimates are in writing and companies are approved with the USDOT (U.S. Department of Transportation.)

If you are moving out of state or far away to a place you’re not familiar with, start researching your new community online.

7 Weeks Before Your Move:

Start organizing and collecting your medical, dental, shot and prescription records. If you’re going to change doctors, ask them for a referral in your new city.

Do the same for your pets at the veterinarian.

Make an appointment with your children’s school and ask for their records to be transferred to their new schools.

Put together copies of your important legal and financial records.
 Empty out and cancel any safe deposit boxes.

Call your insurance agent to see what changes need to be made to your new policy based on your new house.

Contact your gym and any other clubs or services to cancel or transfer your membership.

Order moving supplies like boxes, tape, Bubble Wrap, and permanent markers. Make sure you have enough specialty containers for dishes, breakables, and unique or valuable items.

6 Weeks Before Your Move:

It’s a good time to start using up things that you don’t want to take in the move like frozen or perishable foods, cleaning products, aerosols, or miscellaneous garage supplies.

Begin to plan you moving day, including how you will transport valuables, plants, pets, and of course the rest of the family!

Call your insurance agent to see what changes you need to make to your new policy.

Contact health clubs, organization, and groups to cancel or transfer memberships.

5 Weeks Before Your Move:

Begin packing items you don't use often, going from nonessential rooms like garages, storage closets, extra bedrooms, etc.

Number each box and catalog the items on a master list. Clearly label each box with its contents and the room in the house where it needs to end up.

File a change of address by going online or walking into the local post office. Also ask them to hold your mail at the post office in your new city.

4 Weeks Before Your Move:

Reserve your moving truck or service and make sure you receive a copy of all documentation.

Notify these utility services of your move (both at your old and new locations):
            Cell phone
            Cable/Satellite and Internet
            Trash Collection

Throw a garage sale to get rid of all unwanted items you’re not planning to bring. Donate the remainder to charity.

3 Weeks Before Your Move:

Properly dispose of flammables, corrosives, and poisons around the house. Usually, your moving company will provide a Do Not Ship List.

Start documenting needed information for the new owners/renters that will be moving into your place. Write down paint colors, gather manuals for appliances that stay, and document any upgrades or warranties.

Put in a request with work to have moving day off so you can be there to supervise and make sure it all goes smoothly.

2 Weeks Before Your Move:

Notify these professional services of your move:
            Financial Planner
            Health Insurance Provider
            Insurance Agent

Notify these services/accounts of your move:
            Auto Finance Company
            Bank/Credit Union/Finance Companies
            Credit Card Companies
            Health Club
            Home care service providers (lawn, exterminator, snow removal etc.)
            Laundry service
            Monthly memberships (Netflix, book of the month, etc.)
            Store/Gas Charge Accounts

Notify these government offices of your move:
            City/County Tax Assessor
            State Vehicle Registration
            Social Security Administration
            State/Federal Tax Bureau (IRS)
            Veterans Administration

1 Week Before Your Move:

Plan meals for the last week to use up your food.

Confirm parking for your moving trailer or moving container at your new house.

Print out a Moving Notice postcard and send them to all of your friends and family.

Pack a bag of essentials to keep with you during the day of the move.

Drain gas and oil from lawn equipment, gas grills, heaters, etc. Drain water hoses and waterbeds.

Measure furniture and doorways to determine if larger pieces will fit through the door so you won’t have any problems on moving day.

Take photos of the condition of your house before the move.

Buy a few rolls of heavy paper to lie on the floor during the move – if it’s raining on moving day, it will be an investment that saves your floors and carpets.

Empty and defrost refrigerator at least 24 hours before the move.

Fill any prescriptions you will need during the move.

Double-check the details. Reconfirm the moving company’s arrival time and other specifics and make sure you have prepared exact, written directions to your new home for the staff. Include contact information, such as your cell phone number.

Moving Day Checklist.

Check every room and closet one last time to make sure nothing is left behind.’

Leave a note with your new address so that future residents can forward stray mail.

Introduce yourself to the neighbors.

Pick up any mail being held at the local post office.

Unpack starting with the bedrooms and kitchen and then move to other rooms.

Your first days in the new place:

Check all boxes and furniture to make sure nothing was damaged during the move. You should also make sure everything arrived and nothing was lost. If anything is amiss, contact the mover and insurance company and file a formal complaint.

Start planning the housewarming party!

Join the local neighborhood watch or other civic organizations.

Re-catalog all of your possessions and document them with photos and a list of items, serial numbers, etc. Send that info to your homeowner’s insurance agent.

Check major appliances like your stove, dishwasher, and washer and dryer, and electronics like your televisions check to make sure nothing was damaged during the move.

If you've moved out of state, register your car and get a new driver's license, tags and/or plates for your vehicles.

Register to vote. Again, if you've moved cities, it's important to make sure you're on the voter's registration for your local area. You should also make sure you've updated all important files and documents with your new address.

Buy a subscription to the local newspaper or community magazine. This will quickly get you up to speed on what's happening in your neighborhood.

Create a new emergency contact list. Make sure your children know their new address by heart.

Get a library card - one for each member of the family.

Scout out your new favorite coffee shops, nearby restaurants, super markets, gyms, parks, etc.

Start planning the housewarming party!

If you'd like a printable version of this list with check boxes and bonus information for moving, email us.


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