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The Alfano Group's special relationship with Granite Bay, California.

 We are proud to announce that Anthony Alfano of The Alfano Group recently won the award for Best Real Estate Agent from the 2015 Roseville Granite Bay Press Tribune’s Best of the Best Awards. It’s the second year in a row the Alfano team has won the award, as recognized by the California Legislature Assembly.

While there are many great real estate agents our there, part of the pursuit of excellence that earned us the Best Real Estate Agent award is an authentic knowledge and love of the communities we serve. And there is no better example than our respect and admiration for the community of Granite Bay, one of the most prestigious, desirable, and breathtakingly scenic places to live in all of California. We sell a whole lot of houses in Granite Bay and represent plenty of buyers who want to live there, but most importantly, we fully believe in that community and its residents.

Here is some basic information about our beloved Granite Bay:

Granite Bay isn’t actually a city, but a census-designated place (CDP) in Placer County, California. With a total area of 21.6 square miles, it lies in the foothills only 25 miles from the Sacramento capital.

As of 2014, 22,204 residents call Granite Bay home, a rise of 13.67% since the 2000 census.

Granite Bay enjoys a reputation as one of the nicest communities to live in both California and the United States. In fact, it just ranked highly for:

Ranked #6 Best Cities for Teleworking - Large Metro Areas
Ranked #7 Healthiest Cities
Ranked #7 Best-Rested Cities 2011
Ranked #8 Least Stressful Cities 2012

The community where Granite Bay now rests was first formed in the 1850s as a Gold Rush settlement, like many in the area. In fact, it was first known as “Granite Bar,” a mining and panning community just south of Horeshoe Bar. Roads were developed to connect the camps, and irrigation provided by the North Fork Ditch allowed workers to settle down in the area and start planting almond and olive orchards. By the 1950s, two large cattle ranches encompassed Granite Bay, enjoying its green pastoral hills and abundant water. Building of subdivisions like Granite Bay Vista started in the 1960s, but the area didn’t get its official name until July 28, 1987.

Granite Bay derives its name from both the area of water in adjoining Folsom Lake and its unique geological origins. In fact, the entire area sits on a foundation of granodiorite from the Cretaceous age. Fossils from ocean sediment dating back 80 million years have been discovered in Granite Bay, often during construction.

Granite Bay is one of the mist affluent communities in Sacramento and Northern California. The average household income is $160,578 and the median is $123,631, well above the U.S. household median of $51,393. The economy of Granite Bay is always thriving, providing a strong tax base for community improvements. The medical industry is the leading employer in the area, accounting for 2.3% of all jobs, with plenty of careers in finance, computer tech, and tech manufacturing.

However, living in Granite Bay comes with a high price tag, as it’s been named one of the 25 American cities in the nation with the highest cost of living, a whopping 97.9% higher than the U.S. average.

Real Estate and home ownership:
Granite Bay real estate is highly desirable, so homes sell quickly with stiff competition. The median home cost in Granite Bay is now $653,900. That’s still down from the high point when home values were well into the $700s during the boom. But the market has rebounded nicely, with 24.3% appreciation over the last year.

There are 7,694 households in Granite Bay, with 89.8% owned by the occupants, 12.1% rentals, and 4.1% vacant.

Granite Bay is a hot bed for luxury real estate and million dollar homes, with approximately 25% of all listings priced over $1,000,000 at any given time, and 1% over the $2,000,000 mark.

Granite Bay is one of the state’s highest performing districts for standardized test scores, with only one public high school, Granite Bay High. Residents of the community are extremely well educated on a whole, with 96.8% of all residents over 25 years old having earned their high school diploma or higher, 54.2 earning Bachelor’s degrees or more, and an impressive 23.5% achieving a graduate or doctoral degree.

Things to do and see:
There’s no shortage of recreational activities in Granite Bay. Quarry Ponds, Otow Orchards, Rickey Ranch Pumpkin Patch, local farmer’s markets, fun runs and races, and swimming or hiking at Folsom Lake provide weekend entertainment for the whole family. American River recreation will set you up for a day of rafting or kayaking, and golf enthusiasts can swing away to their heart’s content at the Sierra View Country Club or Granite Bay Golf Club.

Chez Daniel, Back Wine Bar and Bistro, Hawks, Vaiano Trattoria, Source, and Bernardos are just a few of the amazing fine dining establishments in Granite Bay.

Notable and famous Granite Bay residents:
Eddie Murphy – Actor and comedian
John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston - Actors.
Tobin Esperance - Bassist of band Papa Roach
Jeff Keith - Singer of band Tesla
Chris Webber - Retired Sacramento Kings power forward and center
Jason Williams - Orlando Magic, former Sacramento Kings point guard
Shareef Abdur-Rahim - retired National Basketball Association (NBA) player and current Assistant GM for the Sacramento Kings
Rick Adelman - former Sacramento Kings head coach
Dusty Baker - Cincinnati Reds Manager, former San Francisco Giants and Chicago Cubs manager and MLB player
Steve Cook - Former professional ten-pin bowler and member of the PBA Hall of Fame
Maureen Reagan - Daughter of Former President Ronald Reagan lived in Granite Bay until her passing
Summer Sanders - Multiple gold medalist in swimming at the 1992 Summer Olympics, TV Sports commentator and personality

Steve Sax - Retired MLB baseball player (primarily second baseman for the Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox, and Oakland Athletics)

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