Sunday, February 26, 2017

15 Highly creative (and highly questionable) real estate agent ads.

At The Alfano Group Real Estate Agency, we realize that we're not the only game in town. In fact, there are hundreds of thousands of hard working and dedicated real estate professionals around the country ready to serve you. But we always want to be known as the good guys in the business so today, so we decided to actually highlight some of our home-selling peers. After seeing this snapshot of their highly questionable real estate ads, you may come running to The Alfano Group when it's time to buy or sell your next home, but no can accuse us of not trying to help the competition! 

Of course, this is all in good fun, as Realtors search high and low for creative ways to get your attention - and your business. So we'll even be so generous as to add our critique to each!

Feel free to send us a funny or questionable real estate ad you've seen! 

1. I actually like the idea of framing the business card around this agent's face - but perhaps he should have buttoned up his shirt first? Or put down the tire? Or stepped away from the trailer?

2. I get the Home Alone angle (and it's actually pretty cute) - but superimposing your head onto McCauley Caulkin's body is never OK!

3. Two questions: why is Rod Peeler actually Rod Stewart, and why doesn't he ever sleep?

4. Just the fact that you got those sign riders made up signals that you are one or the other - or both!

5. A lamb with the head of a human floating around space? OK if that's not weird enough, why is the lamb wearing white space boots? 

6. I actually can't find fault with this one, because EVERYONE loves Doritos (including Dorita's parents, apparently.)

7. Wendy wouldn't be the first Wacko I've seen in real estate.


8. Bill got some bad advice. Unless he's a podiatrist-turned-Realtor. Nevermind.

9. The shopping cart is actually not a bad touch. But let's just sit back and reflect on the 1980s for a moment.

10. Nothing says "Crazy Cat Lady" like putting a cat on your real estate ad...and looking like one.

11. Is this from a movie or something? This can't be real! Check out the small print: "Voted 8th best real estate team!"

12. Everyone knows that eye lasers could easily start a fire in wood houses so no, Patricia.

13. This guy is actually hilarious. I bet Dave is fun at parties!

14. Chris gets an A for creativity, and an F for family counseling.

15. Is there a big market for Ghost Realtors these days?



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