Monday, June 12, 2017

10 More crazy things homeowners found inside their walls

When we buy a house and move in, our main focus is how it looks, or what's on the outside of the walls. However, homeowners over the years have found some pretty crazy, profitable, and even horrifying surprised when they looked inside the walls. In fact, in centuries past before there were banks (or before people trusted them), and even during our Great Depression, folks used to store all kinds of money and valuables inside the studs of their walls, trying to keep them safe for a rainy day.

In part one of this blog, we covered 10 buried and hidden treasures (or horrors) that homeowners have found. From money to coins to art and a whole lot more, here are 10 more crazy things have found inside their walls.

1. One homeowner in Oak Brook, Illinois, found the stash of modern mobster Frank Calabrese, including jewelry, firearms and a whole lot of cash.

2. Apparently, hiding shoes inside of walls was a common practice in medieval Europe, as a collection of 300-year old shoes was found inside the wall of the Gothic Liedberg Palace in Germany. Likewise, a single pair of shoes was built into the wall of Papillion Hall in England with the intention of ridding the family of a curse. In fact, shoes have been found inside the walls in hundreds of homes, cottages, and churches across Europe and the United States because it was believed to ward off evil spirits.

3. Shoes weren’t the only thing that was supposed to ward off evil spirits that they buried in walls. Believe it or not, they used to hide live cats inside the walls in 16th and 17th-century buildings in the UK with the same intention, which was often a practice used by witches.

4. Apparently, they hid all sorts of things inside their walls in the Middle Ages to ward off evil spirits and break curses, including…undergarments! Across Europe, mummified unmentionables have been found inside the walls of old homes and structures, a practice so common that it spawned the Deliberately Concealed Garments Project.

5. One couple recently found quite a bonus when they busted open their kitchen wall to do some construction. Buried inside, they found a 50-year old safe containing a bottle of bourbon from 1960, a copy of "A Guide for the Perplexed" by E.F. Schumacher, and $51,080. Bonus!

6. Now this is getting seriously weird – many homeowners in Europe have also uncovered “Witch Bottles” inside their walls, which contain ancient urine, hair, nail clippings, and red thread – the perfect combination to dispel evil incantations and spirits.

7. When Josh Ferrin bought his home in a Utah suburb, he never expected to find $45,000 tucked away within its walls. Incredibly, Ferrin tracked down the previous owner of the home and returned the cash. Now that’s some seriously good karma!

8. These homeowners found a dusty old figurine inside the walls of their home, but it’s a good thing they didn’t throw it out. The doll turned out to be the likeness of a former Russian czar, and they were able to sell it for $5 million at auction!

9. When this nice couple went to replace their flooring, they discovered medieval well buried beneath their living room! Instead of covering it up again, they simply put this glass display case over the top to show it off.

10. What would you do if you opened up a wall in your house and found a note that said: "Save yourself?" That's exactly what this homeowner found, contained inside an old locked briefcase. But aside from the dubious note, the case was held cash and silver, so they saved themselves with a shopping trip!

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  1. OMG! who have found these things and where? Have these been inside the walls of their houses or they have found it hidden somewhere in their house? These looks like antiques.