Thursday, October 3, 2013

Placer County, California facts and figures.

Our beloved Placer County, officially the County of Placer, is like no place else in the United States.  Nestled in the foothills spanning from metro Sacramento to the vistas of Lake Tahoe.  Originally named after the Placer Mining Company, the county incorporated in 1851, holding the county seat in Auburn.  All of us who live here know it’s called the Gold Country for a reason, enjoying both the family atmosphere and scenic beauty of the Sierras. 

Here are some facts and figures about Placer County:  

Real Estate

Median Sold Price of Existing Single-Family Homes:

August 2013  $361,830

July 2013  $372,220

August 2012  $288,030

Price Change:

Month to Month % Change  -2.8%

Year to Year % Change:  25.6%

Sales Change:

Month to Month % Change  -15.2%

Year to Year % Change  -9%

Owner-occupied houses or condos with a mortgage (2010):

Owner-occupied houses or condos owned free and clear (2010):

Renter-occupied apartments: 38,404

Placer county percentage of renters:  27%

California percentage of renters:  

Placer County population:
357,138 as of July 2011

(Up from 248,399 in 2000)

Median resident age:  40.0 years.
California median age:  35.0 years

Males: 170,151 
Females: 178,281 

Placer County average household size: 
2.0 people

California average household size:
3.0 people

Population density:
254 people per square mile

Population concentration:
86% urban
14% rural

Placer county geography:
Land area: 1404 sq. mi.
Water area: 98.4 sq. mi.

Industry and Employment:
Placer County Cost of living index (March, 2012):

US average: 100

Employment sectors:

    Private wage or salary: 72%
    Government: 17%
    Self-employed, not incorporated: 10%
    Unpaid family work: 0%

Top Employers:

Estimated median household income (2009):

($57,535 in 1999)

Estimated median household income in California:

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