Thursday, April 2, 2015

The 20 funniest and cutest dog shaming photos you'll ever see.

If you’re a dog owner, you've probably come home from work one day to find a typhoon of chaos in your living room, from toilet paper strewn about like confetti, couch cushions chewed to shreds, and even the kitchen trash can knocked over with everything edible – and some things not – missing from the mess. Were you robbed? Nope, it’s just another case of your beloved dog expressing his or her rebellious side, perhaps because you didn’t take them to the dog park or buy them a new bone last Sunday. Either way, you’ll know who the culprit was the moment you stepped inside and gasp at the damage because your angelic four legged friend will be in the midst of it all with a priceless look of shame on their face. 

Of course there’s nothing you can do but clean up the mess and pretend to be mad while you’re really laughing inside at their guilty disposition, but one dog owner, Pascale Lemire, took it a step further. When her pet dachshund ate her husband’s underwear one too many times back in August of 2012, Lemire took a photo of the prodigal pooch with a sign next to him, explaining his crime. The image was posted to the popular blogging and content site Tumblr. It was so popular that a Tumblr user named Chris Mohney caught lightning in a bottle and started a whole Tumble page dedicated to DogShaming.

The phenomenon grew fast as others posted their own personal dog shaming photos, and quickly extended to cats, other pets, and even mischievous children and some parents! When the new trend of posting trouble-making pets caught in the act was featured on NBC’s Today show, the internet exploded with dog and pet shaming images and videos, blogs and books.

If you’re a dog lover like we are, or just want a good laugh, check out these 20 best dog shaming photos. And for good measure, we added some useful information and resources for anyone who owns a dog in the Sacramento area.

So which were your favorites? Feel free to share this blog via social media and even send us your own dog or pet shaming photos! 


And now, some helpful information, resources, and links for dog owners in Sacramento and Placer County.

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An index of hotels that allow pets (click on the image or here):

Helping out the Sacramento SPCA: 

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