Friday, January 13, 2017

10 Reasons to come grow your real estate business with The Alfano Group

With approximately 6,000 active real estate agents in the great Sacramento area, there are scores of brokerages for Realtors to choose. But when it comes to hanging your license in the right firm for you, it's wise to weigh a lot of factors aside from just company size. In fact, we're of the strong opinion that working as a real estate agent with The Alfano Group in Rocklin is a perfect fit for those that are hard working, diligent, ethical, and want to build long-term, highly lucrative careers. We're always looking to bring a couple of high-quality individuals on board that fit that description, so we'd love to chat with you to see if it's a great match. But if you need further evidence that the Alfano Group is the perfect place to see your real estate business grow, here are 10 reasons: 

1. A great professional reputation and strong ties to the community
The Alfano Group Real Estate Agency has helped thousands of people buy and sell homes in Sacramento, Placer, and El Dorado County for years. From the CEO, Anthony Alfano himself, to all of the Realtors and staff, that reputation permeates in the community, giving you a great first impression. When you come to work for the Alfano Group, a lot will be expected of you, but you’ll also have an edge on the competition based on our reputation.

2. Flexibility
If you’re already a real estate agent, you know that the career entails a lot of hard work and hours, but also great flexibility. Do you want to work only mornings so you can spend more time with the kids? Are you looking to build a thriving business only on nights and weekends so you can keep your day job? Are you looking to invest 50 hours a week into your business, but want to be able to pick and choose when to work so you still have life balance? If any of those are true, then a career in real estate with The Alfano Group may be for you.

3. Support
From personal training to professional education, an impressive office where you can work or meet clients to great transaction coordinators and staff, coming to work with The Alfano Group means that you’ll have all of the encouragement, support, and resources necessary to take your real estate sales career to new heights. We also have great established relationships with home inspectors, appraisers, contractors, title companies, mortgage firms, and even an affiliated property management company for you to utilize.

4. Personal touch of a small firm
When you enlist with one of the many large real estate firms, you are little more than a number, as decisions and policies are set on a national level with thousands of competing agents in mind. But if you choose to watch your career blossom with The Alfano Group, you’ll benefit from all of the one-on-one training, support, and personal investment of a boutique real estate firm, where we are all like family and have invested interest in seeing you do well.

5. Company marketing
At other big firms with hundreds of agents, you'll pay a big chunk of your hard-earned money on marketing and advertising costs. While it's important for each Realtor to build his or her individual business, at The Alfano Group you'll be able to use all of our marketing tools already in place, including a state-of-the-art website, custom blogging and visual marketing campaign, social media accounts, and other marketing systems that are proven to work. Pick and choose what works for you, but you can always benefit from our custom company marketing!  

6. Top earning potential
Let's be frank here; people may enjoy recognition, camaraderie, and the perks that come with their job, but we all work for the money. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to earn top dollar, and in real estate, earning a sizable income just means that you helped more families buy or sell their homes successfully. With typical brokerage commissions 2.5-3% of the sale price for a home purchase, it’s possible to earn more money in less time in real estate than perhaps any other non-technical field.

7. Choose your niche market – and your income
Furthermore, when you help buyers and sellers in communities with high-end or luxury homes, the commissions are proportionally higher for each sale. It’s up to you if you want to work with first-time buyers, investors, move-up buyers, only sellers/buyers, or whatever niche in whatever price range you wish, but the bottom line is that Realtors that work with The Alfano Group earn sizably more than the average real estate agent.

8. Be on the cutting edge of technology
Mobile apps for buyers to search for homes; virtual and video tours; drone footage of luxury homes; all of these things – and much more - are possible when you work for The Alfano Group. We focus on arming our agents with the most current technology and tools that help serve our clients, helping you attract more business than ever and thrive.

9. The Alfano Group is built on the total customer experience
We never forget that our #1 priority is helping our clients buy or sell their home better than anyone else. Period. Our obsession to be the best means we always put the client first, doing what is right for them and going the extra mile, with little regard for our own interests. That mission dictates everything we do every day, driving us to offer the best total customer experience anywhere in the real estate industry. As an agent, that's the exact environment you want to be in to build a lucrative long-term career that you love!

10. Leadership and learning from the best
Our CEO, Anthony Alfano, ran several successful businesses, before investing all of that experience and wisdom into forming one company, The Alfano Group. He’s now one of the region’s top real estate brokers, winning numerous awards and accolades every year. Mr. Alfano strives for nothing short of perfection and excellence. His passion is contagious, his knowledge is powerful, and as an agent, you’ll learn, grow, and benefit from his leadership!

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