Friday, August 12, 2016

20 Seriously awesome things to do to your house.

1. Glass bottom floor in your bathroom.
Your guests that have a fear of heights may be reluctant to use this bathroom!

2. Labyrinth door lock and chain.
Seriously impassable security for anyone who isn't a mastermind at solving mazes.

3. Enchanted forest chandelier.
Turn any room into a spooky, mysterious forest with this chandelier that casts shadows of tree branches everywhere.

4. Hammock sofa.
You love swinging in a hammock. You love laying on the sofa. The only thing that could be better is laying and swinging on your indoor hammock sofa! 

5. Under the stairs slide-out storage.
Finding enough room to store all of our things is always a challenge, so organization buffs will love these slide-out drawers that make use of normally wasted space under the stairs.

6. Ping pong door.
Your teens might rethink their "Closed Door Policy" if you outfit their room with this door that folds down into a ping pong table. Also great for a dorm room or your work office if you feel like getting fired.

7. Back yard sand fire pit.
We've seen plenty of nice built-in fire pits, but this one brings the best of the beach to your backyard.

8. Spiraling hidden wine cellar.
Forget the cliche mini-wine fridge, because now you can have an entire state of the art wine cellar hidden in your floor and viewable though a glass panel, spiraling up into your kitchen at the push of a button. 

9. Indoor skate ramp.
If you love skateboarding and action sports, why not trick out your living room or great room with skate ramps on each end? (First Aid kit sold separately.)

10. Backyard office pod.
For those of us that work from home, it can be hard to focus with all of the distractions around the house. But your concentration will be unflappable once you step inside this modern office pod that can be placed in your backyard or anywhere, fully equipped with electricity, wi-fi, phone lines, and air conditioning.

11. Napping nook.
There's nothing better than curling up with a good book on a rainy, day gazing out the window until you doze off for a much needed power nap. Now, you have the perfect place to do all of that.

12. Multi-level luxury parking.
Underground parking never looked so good with this platform that sinks into the ground and rises to street level with the press of a button, all while blending in with your yard, saving space, and protecting your cherished automobile.

13. Secret door.
Push in just the right place on this book case and a secret door will rotate open, revealing a hidden room. Fans of Scooby Doo will love this one!

14. Cascading sink basin.
Square, rectangular and even round basin sinks can get so boring, but your sink will be the centerpiece of your kitchen - and conversation with this cascading model.

15. Fish tank sink.
Your kids will love to brush their teeth and wash behind their ears with this fully enclosed fish tank sink.

16. Staircase bookshelf.
Make good use of the space in your stairs by replacing risers with shelving for your favorite books.

 17. Add mirrored tiles to windowless rooms.
Mirrored or reflective tiles are easy to install and will add light, depth, and personality to any windowless room.

18. Pool balcony.
Ok, you might need to be a multimillionaire to pull this off at your home, but swimming on your balcony many stories high is seriously cool.

19. Walk-in pool.
Perhaps this is more within reach, as a walk-in gentle slope can easily be added when your backyard swimming pool is being designed.

20. Upside down room.
Have some serious fun and seriously amaze your guests by designing and arranging a room exactly as if it were upside down. Other than repositioning the door, you'd be surprised how much of this you can do as a fun DIY project!

That's it for this installment of seriously awesome things to do to your house! Let us know which ones were your favorite, or if you have any suggestions for fun and cool home improvements!


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